An exploration of transitional spaces, redefining non-places and scripting new behaviours for these architectures to curate an alternate reality. An escape.


Inspired by the unconventional ways John McClane maneuvered through Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard and those deployed by the military's 'Lethal Theory' (Weizmann, 2006), our group sought a form of escapism that allows one to bend existing non-spaces to their own navigational needs. 


Rather than submitting to the authority of conventional spaces, spatial boundaries, and logic, movement, became constitute of space. With this, alongside the knowledge of Michael Foucault's Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias, we adopted various cinematic tropes and transferred them to our chosen non-space - The Ben Pimloc fire escape on Goldsmiths campus. 


Six stories high and an external limb to it's featuring architecture, the metal staircase was transformed from lifeless structure to live stage via the scripted performance introduced. Starting from the lowest flight, upward, the following narratives were adopted: The loss of a shoe from Cinderella (Disney, 1050's), the triumphant jump in Rocky (Avildsen, 1976), the manic chase from Johnny in The Shining (Kubrick, 1980), and finally the climactic death leap in Vertigo (Hitchcock, 1958).


By assembling the narratives in the following sequence, these familiar ritualized behaviours become somewhat foreign and disorientating. From this, we discovered how a set of orchestrated actions and props can be used as strategic tools for manipulating one's spatial awareness and constructing completely new/ different notions of space. 


The final outcome was a short Hitchcock inspired film of the act, demonstrating how the existing architecture was used to facilitate our own agenda - a transitional portal that had a newfound sense of movement and cultural narrative.








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