Alongside my studio practice, the design of this book 
acted as an extended piece of written research used to define, refine and contextualise the concept that I invented and coined 'Feminised Brutalism'.


Entangled within two complex topics - Feminism and Brutalism - 'Feminised Brutalism' established some of its very own. The research collated investigates the interrelationship between gender, ideology and space, in order to explore what 'Brutalism' can exist as in terms of the female identity.  


It examines how the societal expectations, behaviours, and roles prescribed by these architectures are indeed limiting as well as damaging to one's perception of what it is to be 'feminine'. 


Abundant in questions, this body of work creates striking juxtapositions - unconventional and provocative by nature - that interrogate over-simplified binaries and demonstrate why viewing the world in such a way is problematic.