In collaboration with mental health charity Mind UK, this project aims to widen the support network and service’s available to the community using innovative yet effective design. Having discovered the absence of mental health education and even awareness within schools, we designed a workshop programme that actively injects it back into the curriculum.


Designed for ages 5-7, the resources familiarise young minds with the more than complex world of thoughts, feelings, and emotions in a simpler, more manageable way. Enabling children to verbally or visually articulate how they feel internally while learning to be receptive, sensitive and supportive of the wellbeing of others.

Included in the programme is a collection of individual and class orientated activities: an interactive animation, several worksheets, a workshop guide and online access to printable handouts. Accessible at home and school, the resources shared create a trusted and coherent support network in both environments. ​


By creatively prompting these conversations early on, the programme develops a consciousness about good/bad mental health and provides the tools for intuitive self-care. Ultimately reducing the stigma around sharing certain emotions and/or potential mental health issues that may be experienced later on in life.​​​​






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