As part of 'The Kitchen Brick Workshop', I visited the homes of a select few where I assisted with making concrete bricks in their kitchens. While doing so, the topic of gendered stereotypes, labour and the allocation of 'value' within its divisions was discussed. 


In exchange for the time given and invaluable material gained from the interviews, each participant received the Kitchen-Brick they made as a keepsake. In order to transform the brick from a raw product to a desirable object, it needed to be more refined. The following images show the modifications made to the bricks as well as their packaging.


Once the longer faces of the brick were painted white and dried, I used the laser cutter to engrave the details of our brick making sessions into each. This was an experimental process but a successful one with plenty of practice and patience. They were then sealed, polished and packaged accordingly. Due to its simplistic design, the added details do not detract from the original ones but enhance them, as the natural character of the concrete is both present and admired.


This branding exercise was particularly gratifying as each brick was almost like a trophy of the project's success and by giving them away as gifts, I was sharing this with those who participated.







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