100 selected Books by world-acclaimed Magnum photographers tell the history of the Photobook. From the 1930s through to 2011, each entry looks at the format, design, production and behind the scene stories of all these unique publications. 

Aside from the critical cycle where "Domus, domesticity and domestication are often confused, and gendered feminine", the hacked kitchen utensils I have designed together with the domestic 'construction' choreography mimicked in this space, break another.


Repurposed as 'tools of action', each kitchen utensil has been modified to facilitate the construction of concrete bricks in the kitchen. By taking the iron - as women are typically tasked with the ironing - and hacking its intended use, one interrogates the domestic and the assumed role of the object's handler simultaneously.


As a tangible object and product of the labour executed (the brick) using these tools, the work done is no longer traceless and women are written into this space with a newfound authority that 'she' asserts on her own. Rather than a homemaker, she quite literally becomes a home maker - she makes, she builds.